Transformers Manufacturers, Relay Cards, Signal Isolators, AC drives Reactors, Mumbai, India

Transformers, Ac, Dc Drive Chokes, Choke, Reactors, Smps, Wire Wound Resistors.


Able Electronics was started in 1994. initially production was confirmed to manufacture of chokes or reactors for AC drives and DC drives and small transformers up to 1000 VA.

After a few years capacity expansion was carried out and now we manufacture transformers up yo 10 KVA in 3 phase.
Apart from manufacturing we are also trading in SMPS, Relay Cards and Signal Isolators / convertors manufactured by Shavison Electronics.

Another item we are trading in is Wire Wound Resistors which are also called DBR or Dynamic Breaking Resistor.

We can design any choke or transformer as per our clients requirements. Our clients are in the business of Control Panels, Pharmaceutical Machinery, Chemical Machinery, Elevators and Textile Machinery.
AC / Dc Drive Chokes
Wire Wound Resistors
Relay Modules

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